Thanks to our sponsors our conference program is getting better and better, still keeping conference registration as low as possible, especially for students.

The NIH grant R13NS117007 has allowed us to establish several awards to recognize outstanding contributions of fNIRS researchers to the meeting. 

We have an outstanding list of platinum, gold and silver sponsors: Reality Labs, NIRx, Kernel, Hamamatsu, TechEn, OptoElectronics Components( including MPD, PicoQuant, Quantum Opus, OEC), PioNIRS, Cortivision and Boston Electronics (including Becker & Hickl). They are supporting coffee breaks, reception and special events.

But there is always space for more, in particular we would like to increase the number of travel awards for young underrepresented researchers, women, students and research fellows.
These last few years everything had to be virtual, and the new generation of researchers has not yet experienced an in-person meeting, they have not had the chance to meet with their peers around the world, present their work to a broad audience and discuss their ideas and future plans with experts in the field.

We want to finally give our young researchers this opportunity, and if you are interested in helping to support expenses, please send us an e-mail to and become a fNIRS2022 sponsor!!!

Also we have a great list of exhibitors: Artinis, Biopac, Boston Electronics, Cortivision, Gowerlabs, Indus Instruments, ISS Inc, Hamamatsu, NIRx, Obelab, OptoElectronics Components, PioNIRS, Rogue, Seenel Imaging, Spectratech, TechEn, VOX Biomedical. Finally they will be able to show us their latest technology in-person. We so much look forward to see and test all the new products that have been developed in the past few years.

To accommodate more companies we have been able to increase the exhibitor tables from 14 to 18, and after giving 3 tables to our waiting list exhibitors, we still have one spot open. Contact us ASAP if you want to take the last available exhibitor table!!!

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