NIR and the alcohol beverage industries

Glen Patrik Fox, University of California Davis

Duration: 90 min

Capacity: 90

Level: Introductory


Requirements: None

Synopsis: NIR has a long history, working across many fields of agriculture, where you’ll find the roots of NIR. In a number of industries, in-line and on-line measurements provides real time assessment of quality. This mini-course will move through the development of field based to in-line assessment using portable devices, with special interest on beer and wine applications. These industries use numerous data to assess the quality of the product during process, final quality as well as the need to meet taxation requirements. Through a range of hand-held and in-line NIR technologies, improved processing efficiency is achieved with real time measurements. The working environments for such technologies can be harsh but robust instruments provide continuous measurements.

Learning objective: Introduction to industrial applications of NIRS technology. Beer and wine will be served at the end of the course.