Multimodal topics in the NIRS Brain AnalyzIR Toolbox

Theodore Huppert, Hendrik Santosa, Xuetong Zhai, University of Pittsburgh

Duration: 90 min

Capacity: 20

Level: Advanced

Data Analysis Toolbox

Requirements: Laptop; Matlab, Brain AnalyzIR pre-installed

Synopsis: The fNIRS Brain AnalyzIR toolbox ( is an open source, object oriented, Matlab toolbox for fNIRS analysis. This advanced course will cover topics including: Sensitivity-specificity analysis for algorithm development and comparisons; Single and group-level image reconstruction methods and statistics; Functional connectivity and hyper-scanning analysis; Modeling head size and placement variations in group level statistical models

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to the +eeg and fMRI extensions to the NIRS toolbox
  • Joint statistical models and multimodal image reconstruction
  • Incorporating subject-specific anatomical models in the toolbox
  • Multimodal filtering methods
  • Neural-vascular models

Requirements: Users familiar with the Brain AnalyzIR toolbox and object-oriented Matlab programming.

You are expected to bring a laptop with Matlab and Brain AnalyzIR installed. You can download Brain AnalyzIR toolbox from our website for free. Also please run the toolbox demo files “code_testing_demo.m” which checks that the toolbox is
installed properly and “fnirs_analysis_demo.m” which will download a dataset from the web and runs basic analysis steps.