Travel to the United States Requirements

Effective 8 November, 2021 Covid-19 vaccines are required for non-US citizens coming into the United States. Visit the CDC website for a list of accepted vaccinations.

We plan to offer a testing service that can provide any attendee with a COVID test—such as PCR or rapid test—for a modest cost during the meeting

As an international traveler to a US-based event, you should check:

US travel restrictions: Look for current restrictions on entering the US from different regions. Visit the CDC for updated information

Visa requirements: Depending on your country of departure, you may need to apply for a National Interest Exception for travel to the U.S.

Email us for a letter of attendance

Your country of departure’s restrictions and quarantine requirements: Your country may have its own vaccination or testing policies for departure or return

Check your local government agencies for any vaccination, testing, or quarantine requirements.

Your airline carrier’s policies: Check with your airline to make sure you understand their policies and requirements

Health and safety information: Size and location of the event can dictate different requirements for participation. Please check the event health and safety page for details.