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By submitting an abstract you will have the opportunity to present your work to a group of interdisciplinary scientists from all over the world, interested on the use of various fNIRS imaging techniques to interrogate the brain both in neuroscience and clinical applications. Moreover, accepted and presented papers will be published on the Society’s website , which extends the impact of your work long after the meeting ends.

Submission of the abstract constitutes the consent of all authors to publication of this abstract (e.g. on the conference website, programs, etc.) and agreement with its content. 

Images of people or images owned, copyrighted or trademarked by other entities require official written permission for publication and appropriate attribution.

All paper submissions will be carefully peer-reviewed to ensure a high-quality program on emerging topics.

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Before submitting your abstract please read all requirements and instructions, and download the style template at:

Requirements and Instructions

The abstract includes a 100-word short abstract and a 1 page PDF summary formatted as per template.

100-word short Abstract: This should be a brief summary of your paper topic. Note that the same short abstract should be also included in the 1-page summary.

1-page Summary: A PDF attachment MUST contain the following items in order to be accepted for review:

  • Complete title (Bold, 18-Point Type and Centered)
  • Complete listing of all authors and their affiliations (Author name(s) [10-point type, centered, bolded], Author affiliation and full address (8-point type, centered, italicized), Presenting Author email address: (8-point type, centered, italicized)
  • Self-contained abstract, limited to 100-words. Your abstract should be an explicit summary of the paper that states the problem, the methods used, and the major results and conclusions (Indent left and right margins 0.5 in. (1.27 cm), justify the paragraph (on both right and left)).
  • Main Text, may include the following sections: Introduction, methods, results, conclusion. It may contain one or two figures (permission and attribution for any trademarked or copyright images is required), references, conflict of interests disclosures, and acknowledgments.
  • Limit abstracts to a single 8.5 in. x 11 in. page (21.5 cm x 27.8 cm) including if needed references and figures
  • Use Times New Roman or Palatino font 10 point justified text with single line spacing and no empty lines before and after paragraphs
  • Set margins 1 in. (2.54 cm) on all sides

IMPORTANT! Please embed all fonts; use standard fonts when possible. Problems may occur if non-English font packages (for example, Japanese, Korean or Chinese fonts, etc.) are used in the text, figures and tables. Characters in these fonts cannot be seen by reviewers.

Category Selection: Please review the topic categories, and select the area that is appropriate for your work. 

Presentation Preference: The presentation preferences are “oral or poster, poster only, virtual only. The committee has the final say on oral presentations. If you know in advance you will not be able to participate in person please choose virtual only.

Proof your work before submitting!


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